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Martínez, Montjuïc

my foodie friend barcelona martinez exterior

Wonderful seafood & a trendy vibe with knock out views over Barcelona

Average bill p.p €40 - €50 (incl. drinks)

Nearest metro: Poble Sec

Restaurante Martínez

Ctra. de Miramar, 38

(0034) 931 06 60 52


Go for: Any of the paellas | charcoal grilled tuna | profiteroles with hot chocolate

Good for: Groups of family or friends | Long weekend lunches | Sunset drinks | Celebration dinners

Need to know: Day | Night | Drinks | Terrace | Views | DJ Nights | Takes Reservations | Family Friendly | €45 ‘Formula’ Menu available 13.00-16.00


There is nowhere that calls for an Aperol Spritz more than the terrace at Restaurante Martinez.

You know what I mean. Sun soaked decking, a trendy soundtrack. Magnificent city views.

It would just be rude not to.

So that is exactly how my family and I kick off our long weekend lunch.

my foodie friend barcelona martinez restaurant terrace

The place is filled with other groups all enjoying the festivo, the hanging strings of coloured lights, wooden benches and leafy palms making it feel a bit we’re in an exotic and very lovely English pub garden.

There’s a great soundtrack and semi-industrial, shipping container style décor, both adding to the laid, back trendy atmosphere.

Already I know that this is somewhere I will hanker to come back to.

We settle in for a long, lazy meal and begin, starting slowly with some croquettes, bravas and jamon.

Oh, and some very quaffable white wine.

my foodie friend barcelona martinez bravas

The chatter from the passers-by of Montjuic floats over the hedge to us as we eat, making it feel a bit like being in VIP at a music festival, still in the middle of all the action but able to civilised-ly sip our wine from the shade of our leafy enclosure.

Martinez specialises in paella, one of the few places to do so that isn’t right on the beach, with choices ranging from black rice or blue lobster to rabbit and chicken.

Our party share a mixed seafood rice, plus a charcoal grilled tuna and a turbot.

my foodie friend barcelona martinez paella

The paella is perfect Sunday food, great big comforting dollop-fuls of salty, sticky rice, filled with melt in your mouth meat and the occasional naughty little crispy bit, while the tuna is generously portioned and all rare and ravishing.

(Excuse me if I’m getting a tad Nigella-y in my descriptions, but it really was lovely).

The party culminates in profiteroles with hot chocolate. The atmosphere may be pub-esque, but these certainly aren’t. They're refined and utterly gorgeous - the kind of desert that make you feel (insert Spanish dancing girl here... )


Martinez may not be cheap, but it’s more than a just a meal, it’s a whole dreamy kind of experience, the kind of place I could while away not just a Sunday, but probably most of my life (well, until the Aperol ran out). END

my foodie friend barcelona martinez oysters

my foodie friend barcelona martinez paella prawns

my foodie friend barcelona martinez bar

my foodie friend barcelona martinez view over marina

my foodie friend barcelona martinez view
my foodie friend barcelona martinez blogger


All beautiful photography by Jessie Ann James


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