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Flax & Kale, El Raval

Healthy Indulgence in a trendy environment

Brunch approx: €15-20 incl. drinks

Lunch / dinner approx: €30 incl. drinks

Nearest Metro: Universitat / Pl. Catalunya

Flax & Kale

Carrer dels Tallers

+34 933 17 56 64


Go for: the açai bowl | fish tacos | tuna burger | Teresa’s favourite smoothie

Good for: girly brunches | impressing your Mum | Sunday recovery | larger groups | anyone with special diets

Need to know: Day | Night | Terrace | Family Friendly | Vegan/Celiac/Allergy/Everything friendly


Flexitarianism. Heard of it?

No, it isn’t some weird new yoga trend.

Flexitarianism is a primarily plant-based diet, but which occasionally includes meat or fish.

So essentially is just vegetarianism, with a bit of cheating.

Nor is it in any way new - it’s actually been around since the mid 90s, and has been growing in popularity ever since, thanks to initiatives such the environmental awareness campaign Meat Free Mondays.

That said, I’m pretty sure that the clientele of Flax & Kale are more into social media than social improvement. It’s appeal appears widespread, seeming part hipster haven, part yummy mummy land. On this sunny Saturday morning, the atmosphere is young, vibrant and cool, abuzz with weekend chatter and happy, housey beats.

The restaurant itself is bright and spacious, with an leafy yet industrial-chic vibe. There’s a gorgeous upstairs ‘edible garden’ terrace and some more intimate private dining rooms too.

While the decor may feel more down-town New York, the service is definitely Spanish. Our coffees arrive cold and our waitress then steadfastly ignores us.

The food here can only be described as “instagrammable.” Tottering of pancakes whizz past while dutifully drizzled sauces adorn every dish.

We’ve eaten at Flax & Kale lots of times, mainly because it’s so close to our house, so have by now tried most things on the menu.

On this occasion we order the savoury pancakes (€13), made with red quinoa and a cashew sour cream and Jo’s compulsory acai bowl (€8.95), plus a couple of smoothies.

The acai is always a winner for us, as are the gloriously adorned smoothies.

But the pancakes are, to use that dreaded phrase, definitely more style over substance (as, in my opinion, is the case for quite a few dishes here - chia bagel, I’m looking at you).

As far as the Flax & Kale brunch goes, it’s a trendy one to tick off, but in terms of value, you’re better off going for lunch/dinner and ordering some fresh and crunchy fish tacos (€4 each) or a meaty and beautifully rare Tuna Wasabi burger (€15).

(Or even just Deliveroo-ing from big sister restaurant Teresa Carles...a Sunday night salmon burger, (€10.95 through Deliveroo), goes down a treat, I’ll tell ya!)


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