Pikio Taco, Gracia

April 26, 2017


Gourmet tacos in a party atmosphere



Price: Approx. €20-€25

Nearest metro: Diagonal



Pikio Taco

Carrer de Còrsega, 376

08037 Barcelona

+34 934 57 32 52

Go for: The mozzarella, veal & chorizo taco | Finger lickin’ nachos | Dangerously good frozen margaritas


Good for: Fun dinners | Groups | Relaxed lunches


Need to know: Day | Night | Drinks | Takes reservations | Veggie + Vegan friendly 

There’s nothing sadder than a bad taco. You know the type. Over oily and under filled, it’s sides flopping down in its best imitation of a downturned smiley.


A genuinely sad taco.


For this reason, I feel like I approach the ever growing number of ‘taquerias’ in Barcelona with something akin to trepidation, praying that I won’t be presented with the taco equivalent of a limp handshake.


Pikio Taco is one of the good guys. I’ve eaten here on a number of occasions, once squeezing in at the bar on a raucous Friday night, another languishing at the back with a big group of girlfriends.


Even during the day the music is pumping and the margaritas are churning, making it feel a little like the morning after the night before, the spray painted walls and random littering of colourful items remnants of some great fiesta.




Service is a swift affair - tally up your order on a card, slurp a couple of frozen margaritas (lime or guava - both wonderfully potent) and before you know it, you’re presented with generous piles of exuberant, acid trip tacos. With none more expensive than €3.50 you can afford go to town a bit.


Portions are generous and all taste authentic – my standouts being the ‘Pikio’ of mozzarella, veal and chorizo and the ‘Atlantico’ of marinated salmon and chipotle mayo. Oh, and if you’ve been craving some cactus, look no further than the ‘Puebla’ -  a vegetarian taco with attitude.


(The nachos are pretty naughty too - no further explanation needed.)


So come to Pikio. Get food all over your face and leave lickin’ your fingers. It’s great.  





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