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FAN Shoronpo Japones, Gracia

Authentic dumplings & ramen in a simple setting

Approx. €15-20

Nearest metro: Diagonal

FAN Shoronpo Japones

Carrer de Sèneca, 28

+34 930 09 22 35


Go for: the mind blowing Shoronpo filled with hot soup | creamy TanTanMen ramen | great value menu del dia

Good for: cheap & cheerful lunches | casual dinners

Need to know: Day | Night | Takes Reservations | Menu del Dia


I’d been wanting to visit FAN Shoronpo Japonés for a while (or ‘FAN’ as I’d taken to calling it), in the hope of some nice authentic ramen.

Mistake number 1.

In the same way that a disliked acquaintance always seems to use your childhood nickname (hey ‘Kates’, whacha’ doing ‘Kates’), my overfamiliarity had made me seem like a bit of an idiot.

Because if you, like me, were unfamiliar with the word ‘Shoronpo’ then kindly allow me to enlighten you.

Shoronpo is the Japanese word for a special kind of Chinese dumpling, one filled with not just mince, but also… soup.

Who knew that these were a thing?

(Well, apparently the entire population of New York, with lists of ‘Must Try Dumplings’ and round-the-block queues for new soupy-dumpling eateries.

Less a melting pot of cultures then, more a sesame coated pan… I DIGRESS!)

ANYWAY. Monday lunchtime and I’m finally at FAN Shoronpo, looking with delight at the menu del dia. €14 for a dumpling-style-dish, a rice/noodle one and a drink. There are even photos to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

The fabulous foodie friends around me recommend the must-have Shoronpos and spicy TanTanMen noodle soup. Done.

I’m starving, but ramen’s always pretty quick, right?

Mistake number 2.

The beauty of FAN is that everything is homemade while you wait, the chefs rolling, primping and using what I can only assume must be black magic, to get soup inside these little pastry parcels. So, quick, no, but fresh and authentic, very.

Mistake number 3 comes as soon as the food arrives, as hunger takes over and I pop a dumpling in, whole.

While the explosion of textures is wonderful, the scalding hot soup on my tongue is not. Warning! That said, I quickly go back for the rest. The sensation when eating them is oddly addictive.

The rest of the food is happily everything I’d hoped for - my friend’s crispy gyozas are great, while my ramen is creamy and comforting.

So learn from my mistakes and go to FAN! Whether you burn your tongue or not, it’s worth it.


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